Posted by: Editor LNAV | September 19, 2008

Cyber Law Working Group Launched in India

Cyber Law in India is contained in the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act 2000) that requires suitable and society oriented amendments. The Governmental machinery is, however, slow and primarily guided by vested Industrial interests. Thus, a strong, safe and appropriate cyber law would still be a distant dream in India.

This means either we remain indifferent towards the deficient laws or take some initiatives on our own. While the first option is generally followed in India the latter approach is seldom adopted. We believe that public initiatives can fill the policy vacuum in India. With this benign objective in mind, the first and exclusive Working Group on Cyber Law has been constituted in India. It is headed by Mr. Praveen Dalal, the leading Techno-Legal Specialist of India, and supported by Techno-Legal Segments like PTLB, PTLITC, etc. Similarly, a National Consensus Building Exercise has already been started by us that has requested the Government of India for a stronger Cyber Security and development of Cyber Forensics capabilities in India.

The Working Group on Cyber Law would also provide suggestions and recommendations to the Government of India, Industrial Bodies, NGOs, International Organisations, etc. It would also work as an essential “bridge” between Government to Citizens (G2C), Citizens to Government (C2G), Government to Government (G2G), etc.

The Working Group has many “Segments” and the Dispute Resolution Segment of Working Group has been launched in the beginning. Subsequently, other segments would also be launched one by one. The “Dispute Resolution Segment” of the Working Group covers areas like Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (like Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation, etc), Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), E-Courts establishment and their implementation, E-Infrastructure development and protection etc. Two Experts of each field (one National one International) would be preferred and priority would be given to National experts.

Some of the Members of the Dispute Resolution Segment include Experts from, OdrIndia, Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM), SDNBD/SDNP (Bangladesh), etc. The categorization or segmentation is not exclusive and exhaustive and experts of one Segment may also be part of any other Segment of the Working Group.

We thank all of you for your kind support and look forward for a “unique initiative” that would be a trend setter not only in India but also Globally.


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