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Ethical Hackers as Security Professionals

This is the e-mail interview of Mr. Praveen Dalal given by him on 19-09-08 to Mr. Ashirbad S Raha, a journalist working with the Times of India. Necessary inputs have been given by Mr. Baljeet, Executive of Perry4Law. According to Mr. Praveen Dalal*, the Leading Techno-Legal ICT, Cyber Law, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics Specialist of India, ethical hackers are continuously seen as a valuable addition to a Company’s ICT Security Workforce.

Q.1. How true is the fact that IT companies are hiring ethical hackers for their security?

A.1. It is true that IT companies are seeking the services of ethical hackers to test the vulnerabilities and security lapses of their IT infrastructures.

Q. 2. If there is a demand of ethical hackers then how big is the demand?

A.2. You cannot quantify the demand of such security professionals but undoubtedly the same is increasing day by day.

Q.3. Its certainly new for India, but has it been done anywhere else in world?

A.3. The practice of utilizing the services of ethical hackers is very old in the Western countries. Of late, the same has started to gain importance in India as well but the number of such companies are very few and exceptional.

Q.4.What can a professional hacker do to protect its company, i mean the job profile of an ethical hacker?

A.4. An ethical hacker traces and then plug in the vulnerabilities and security lapses of the companies hiring them. Basically, he checks the intrusion possibilities, vulnerabilities of the operating systems and various applications, web based vulnerabilities, outsider’s threats, etc.

*About Mr. Praveen Dalal

Mr. Praveen Dalal is the Managing Partner of Perry4Law and heading its PTLB, PTLITC, and other Techno-Legal Divisions that are providing Cyber Law, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics Assistances and Services. Perry4Law is the First and Exclusive Techno-Legal and ICT Law Firm in India and is in operation since 2002. It deals with legal issues associated with ICT and use of ICT for legal purposes. PTLB and PTLITC are few of the Techno-Legal ICT initiatives of Perry4Law and are in the process of upgradation and formalisation. Mr. Praveen Dalal’s specialisations include areas like Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Digital Evidencing, Corporate ICT Compliances, etc.

Source: News Section of Perry4Law


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