Posted by: Editor LNAV | February 26, 2009

Right To Speech And Expression Of Bloggers In India

Some very good stories about the Blogger and their Right to Speech and Expression is in circulation these days. The legality of this issue is of tremendous importance and the legal portion of the same is reported as follows “Popular Blogger Praveen Dalal, who is by profession an advocate practicing in the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court, on his blog post says, “It is not the blogging that is bad or illegal per se, but the ‘Illegal Contents’ that it generates. With constitutional protection on the side of Bloggers, there must be very strong reasons to book a person for defamation or disturbing religious harmony. The Government of India can make things better by formulating a good cyber law that clearly demarcates between legal and illegal opinion sharing.”


See here or here for more.


It is clear that Blogging per se is neither bad nor considered illegal in India. Of course, a person responsible for defamation cannot escape the results of his acts. But by and large Blogging is an intellectual activity devoid of any illegal elements. The government of India must make its stand very clear regarding its Policies towards surveillance and regulations of Blogging community in India. 


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