Posted by: Editor LNAV | March 28, 2009

The Nuisance Of Cyber Crimes In India

Cyber crimes are increasing at an alarming rate in India. This is because cyber Law of India is passing through a bad phase. On the one hand we are witnessing a growing demand for strong cyber laws whereas on the other hand there is lack of political will to achieve the same. The fill in gap initiatives like Information Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2008 are not the answer to cyber law problems of India. We need dedicated and effective cyber law in this regard.


Cyber Crimes in India are increasing whereas India’s preparedness to tackle the same is declining day by day. Issues like cyber war, cyber terrorism, denial of service attacks, botnet, spam, phishing, etc cannot be taken casually these days.


The leading techno-legal expert/specialist of India Mr. Praveen Dalal, Managing Partner of Perry4law says, “Although India has done a good job by enacting the IT Act, 2000 yet it failed to keep it updated. For instance, we need express provisions and specified procedures to deal with issues like denial of service (DOS), distributed denial of services (DDOS), bot, botnets, trojans, backdoors, viruses and worms, sniffers, SQL injections, buffer overflows etc. These issues cannot be left on mere luck, implied provisions or traditional penal law of India (IPC). Even issues like cyber war against India or cyber terrorism against India have not been properly incorporated into the IT Act, 2000 yet. The proposed IT Act Amendment Bill, 2008 also failed to address these issues. It would only result into increased cyber crimes in India”.


A weak cyber law would only encourage cyber criminals to commit various cyber crimes without any fear of punishment. No matter how much we praise ourselves but the true strength of IT Act, 2000 would be tested against the global cyber attacks only. India is following a faulty strategy and is just trying to portray a cat as a tiger. It is still time to act provided we are willing to do so.


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