Posted by: Techtalk | April 21, 2010

Internet Should Be A Part Of Indian Judicial System

Use of ICT for judicial purposes has many benefits. However, it also requires a good training of judges. At the same time it requires a judicial will to use ICT for judicial purposes.

Judges in Russia will be allowed to use the internet during trials if necessary, the Russian Supreme Court has said. Judges can study information from an internet resource in real time, the court said Tuesday.

It is good to see that such an authoritative statement has come from the Supreme Court itself. Similar will and enthusiasm must also be shown by Indian Supreme Court.

In India there is not even a single e-court till April 2010 despite contrary claims. There is a lack of techno-legal expertise in India to manage such an ambitious project and in the absence of the same Internet would never be a part of Indian judicial system.

Fortunately, we have a techno-legal judicial training firm as well as e-courts training and consultation centre in India. The same is managed by Perry4Law that is also an authority on e-courts in India.

Let us hope that Indian judiciary would also empower itself with ICT and would start using the same for the larger benefits of all concerned.



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