Posted by: ramkkaushik | April 22, 2010

Techno-Legal Cyber Security Strengthened In India

Cyber security has taken a centre stage these days. As more and more computers are used for public and governmental purposes, securing these systems must be a top priority. Cyber security must always be techno-legal in nature, i.e. both technical as well as legal. Firstly, there must be good technology laws and cyber laws. Secondly there must be good cyber security policies and strategies in place.

While the Information Technology Act 2000 (IT Act 2000) of India incorporates the cyber law of India, there is no cyber security policy or strategy of India. Every governmental department or organisation is following its own rules and procedures. Even there is alack of cyber law training and education in India.

Of course, there are some private players like Perry4Law that provide techno-legal cyber security services in India. Perry4Law is also managing the exclusive techno-legal cyber security centre in India. While private initiatives are appreciable yet serious and robust cyber security initiatives must be taken at the national level.

India must not only make its cyber laws strong but also formulate good cyber security policies and strategies at national level. Till cyber security is given a national priority and Indian cyber laws are made strong, India would remain a soft target as well as safe heaven for cyber criminals.



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