Posted by: Editor LNAV | April 30, 2010

Best Techno-Legal Career Makers In India

Legal career in IT related fields is fast catching up in India and career in cyber law is becoming a first priority.

Legal career in India is undergoing tremendous transformation. Firstly, practice of law, in any form, was barred by Mumbai High Court. Now similar petition has been also file in Tamil Nadu as well. On top of it, the Bar Council of India has made it compulsory to clear a “bar examination” by all fresh law graduates in India to practice law before courts.

Information and communication technology (ICT) related laws, regulations and requirements have further posed many challenges before the legal education providers in India. Barring few good national law schools and law faculties, most of the legal institutions are either providing no cyber law related courses or are providing the most basic level cyber law courses. There is a clear gap between the demand and supply of cyber law professionals.

Some good options for law students and legal professionals in this regard are the initiatives managed by Perry4Law Techno-Legal base (PTLB). These include cyber law training, coaching and internship, bar examinations of India, continuing legal education in India, etc. If you wish to convert your theoretical knowledge into practical acumen, consider enrolling to these courses.

The problem with Indian techno-legal professionals is that there is a huge gap between market demands and actual skills. Indian educational system is more academic and less professional and vocational. Initiatives like the abovementioned may bridge this much needed gap.




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