Posted by: V K Singh | August 24, 2010

India Is Developing Cyber War Capabilities

At last India has decided to take some action on the front of protecting crucial and strategic computer systems and computer resources. India is in the process of formulating a blueprint for undertaking counter cyber warfare on unfriendly countries.

Attacks on the strategic and military computers have been on rise in India. Various reports have suggested that many military and crucial government departments have been systematically and continuously targeted by cyber criminals.

The National Security Council (NSC) is considering a proposal that would enable the Indian agencies to enhance capabilities to exploit weaknesses in the information systems of other countries and also collect online intelligence of key military activities.

The project would be given effect to by National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

It is also planned that laboratories would be set up in research institutions to simulate cyber attacks with the help of ethical hackers. These laboratories would also training intelligence agencies for offensive and defensive cyber warfare techniques.

Even cyber forensics capabilities would also be developed to analyse attacked computers. Imported software and hardware would also be analysed for backdoors and malware. A separate Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) for various crucial sectors would also be established.

This proposal is a good step in the right direction provided it is not just another promise with no will and expertise to execute it.



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