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E-Courts In India

Electronic courts (e-courts) have assumed great importance these days. The benefits of technology to reduce arrears of cases and to enhance transparency and accountability cannot be ignored any more.

Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have done tremendous work in this crucial direction. In fact, Perry4Law and PTLB have been providing the exclusive techno legal services pertaining to e-courts in India.

In this post we are covering some of the landmark and crucial works undertaken by Perry4Law and PTLB in this regard. These are:

(1) E-Courts In India: An Essential Judicial Reform

(2) E-Courts In India Still A Distant Dream

(3) Establishment Of E-Courts In India And Their Implementation

(4) E-Courts In India Needed

(5) Techno Legal E-Courts Training And Consultancy Centre Of India

(6) E-Courts In India Still A Dream

(7) E-Courts Project Of India

(8) Electronic Delivery Of Justice In India: Why It Failed?

(9) E-Delivery Of Justice In India Needed

(10) E-Courts Consultants In India

(11) Techno Legal E-Courts Services In India

(12) E-Courts In India Must Be Expedited

(13) Why E-Courts In India Failed?

(14) E-Courts In India

(15) Skill Development For E-Courts Of India

(16) The Truth About E-Courts Of India

(17) E-Courts Infrastructure Of India Needs Rejuvenation

(18) E-Courts Project Of India

(19) E-Courts And ODR In India

We hope that all stakeholders would find these resource useful.

Source: Cyber Laws In India


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